Opening A Bank Account from Home with Bank Asia!

Open a bank account of your choice from your home, office or any place of your convenience (within Dhaka City) with Bank Asia!




Now, it can be said that opening a bank account is the very first step to get any other services from a bank. Whether you want to get a personal loan or business loan, requisition a debit/credit card, or open a special savings account, etc. from any bank, you will have to start by opening a bank account in the bank of your choice.


BankSheba has brought you one of its very first category of deposit services; where you can open a bank account of your choice from your home, office or any place of your convenience (within Dhaka City) with Bank Asia. We will assist you to open the following accounts with Bank Asia;


  • Current Account,
  • Savings Account,
  • Short Notice Deposit or SND Account,
  • School Banking Account,
  • Deposit Pension Scheme or DPS, and
  • Fixed Deposit Receipt or FDR.


Your Requirements as a Potential Account Holding Customer


In order for you to be eligible to open any of the bank accounts listed above in Bank Asia, you will need to be a citizen of Bangladesh first and foremost. Also, for most of the accounts, you will need to be 18 or above. Few exceptions are made for choice special accounts, where the consumer can be considered to be those under 18. However, in those cases, a parental authority or guardian will need to sign off as the applicant on behalf of the minor.



There are also customizations in the accounts itself where the benefits vary at several maturity of different deposit schemes of Bank Asia, i.e. Shonchoy e Kotipoti, Double Benefit Plus, etc. BankSheba has brought you all of the above services; which you can browse from the ‘Deposit’ category in our website.



The Documents You Will Need at Hand to Open an Account when We are at Your Doorstep


Before we move onto the ‘document requirement’ portion, first, we need to clarify that, to provide the best possible service experience to our customer, a bank representative will personally contact and/or visit the customer location and process the account opening form on site.



As such, there are several documents which you need to have on hand when we reach your home or office. The common documents/papers required to open any of the available account opening services from Bank Asia are listed below:



  • Two Passport-Sized Copies of the Applicant’s Recent Photograph.
  • One Copy of Valid NID/Birth Certificate/ Bangladesh Passport/ Driving License of the Applicant.
  • One Passport Sized Copy of Nominee’s photograph.
  • One Copy of Valid NID/Birth Certificate of the Nominee(s).
  • One Copy of Valid TIN Certificate (Optional).
  • Proof of Address (i.e. one copy of Electricity Bill)


Benefits of Opening a Bank Account with Bank Asia


There are all those general advantages of opening an account in Bank Asia which is in common with other banks and there are some unique advantages that is only available to a Bank Asia account holder. Some of of the benefits are:



  • You can open an account with an initial balance of ‘0’.
  • The accounts forms can be processed within an hour.
  • You can get exclusive cards, like: Shadhin Card, which has been created uniquely for the freelancers.



The annual interest rate for most account deposit is 5% which is in common with most of the banks in Bangladesh at present. Remember that opening a Bank Account with any bank is the start of a mutual benefit relationship with that bank. So, the activities of that bank account over time builds up trust between you and your preferred bank which gets you accessed to several high benefits (sometimes uniquely for you).



We have serialized blog articles that will let you know about the products that we have launched currently!



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